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"Die Reise des Wassers"


In June and July 2022, the shooting of the music film "Die Reise des Wassers" ("The Journey of the Water") took place. It was again an exiting and very creative collaboration with the great cinematographer Eckart Reichl. The script, born from the music, took us to wonderful places and let us experience the magic of the moment in nature in front of the camera.

Enjoy an imaginative "Journey of the Water"!


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All music composed by Duo Flying Tree

Die Reise des Wassers, Wolkenflug  (CD Im Flug der Schwalbe die Freiheit)

Music recorded by Julian Rabius, Spielberg/Germany


Idea, Director: Duo Flying Tree

Cinematographer: Eckart Reichl |  www.atelier-reichl.de

Editor: Eckart Reichl & Duo Flying Tree

Location: Dresden and surroundings & Cuxhaven, Germany


© 2022 Duo Flying Tree, Germany